Fun Learning

31 January 2014 By In Alumni

According to studies (researchers from University of Nottingham- PlosOne journal), it is proved that games with words, images and generally fun in learning can help a starter learn a foreign language easier and more effectively.

For this reason, KareziStudies-Greek 4 all intergrates entertainment into the learning of Greek language. Children learn by playing through a complete, interactive system of educational and recreational activities.

 All the educational programs of KareziStudies-Greek 4 all are based on holidays, the time when people are relaxed, happy and open to new ideas.

For our little friends, aged 10-16, the courses take place in a children’s camp, so that the participants can enjoy sports activities (swimming, basketball, volleyball, football, etc) and cultural activities (dancing, singing, cooking, theatre).

For our older friends (over 18) the courses take place in hotels all over Greece. The participants can enjoy the hotel facilities (gym, spa, swimming-pool) and other activities KareziStudies-Greek 4 all organizes each time, like learning traditional Greek dances, Greek songs and traditional Greek musical instruments, yoga lessons and others.

Moreover the participants will have the opportunity to learn about the Greek culture and come closer to the treasures of Greek nature.

For this reason the participants of KareziStudies- Greek 4 all educational programs can take part in:

  • Visits in museums, archaeological and environmental sites
  • Excursion to big cities
  • Greek nights
  • Watching theatrical performances (especially during the summer period, Philippi Festival, Thasos Festival, Epidaurus Festival)
  • Horse riding lessons
  • Scuba diving lessons
  • Canoe-Kayak lessons
  • Hiking on mountainous areas, skiing and staying in traditional guesthouses and hotels (especially during the winter period)