Why should a foreigner learn greek?

20 December 2013 By In Alumni

Taking into consideration  that the greek language,history,customs are compatible only with the greek country why should a foreigner  learn either modern or ancient greek? His motivation is definitely not the communication with the majority of the global  population. Here are some good reasons for choosing greek as a second language………


•Modern greek serves as the natural evolution of ancient greek, words of which compose the terminology  of many scientific and other domains. So all the people-regardless of their nationality- use greek in their everyday life (music,theatre,photography,churches,press)

•Knowledge  of the greek language contributes  to the deep comprehension  of the structures of the mother tongue, a belief supported by the Minister  of Education  of U.K. who decided  to give access  to greek language acquisition  even to primary school students . As a result, young  students have a contact with demanding terms that obviously derive from specially selected or composed texts. So, they become broadminded  and they cultivate their mental abilities by elaborating on definition of words that exist already in their mothe tongue.

•Knowledge of the greek language will give you the opportunity to come closer  to greek litterature masterpieces (widely described as international litterature heritage such as Kavafis , Elytis, Seferis or from the ancient Greek literature Homer, Aristotle, Plato) in their original form and not their translation which turns out to be insufficient  regarding  the absolute,deep and true interpretation  of the initial writing.

•Moreover you’ll be able to comprehend greek poems that became famous songs by great composers such as Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hatzidakis,Thanos Mikroutsikos etc  .

•Learning greek will help you communicate  with the greek people either during your holidays in Greece or in case of business plans in Greece.

•Tolstoi said “without knowledge of the greek language and culture there is no education” and Victor Hugo, the great french novelist, described the world as “the expanded Greece” while Bernard Shaw, the famous Irish theatrical writer added “if your home library lacks in ancient greek writings then you live in a house without light”