For the campers' safety, which is number one rule in Pitsas Camp, our camp offers:

* Lodge in the main entrance with guard 24 hours a day

* Nightwatchman, who checks all night the camp's facilities

* 24 hours cover of the surroundings from private Security group

* Perimetric fencing of the camp, 2.00 meters tall

* Lightning arrestor

* Fundamental conductor in every single house which ensures the even operation of electrical installations

* Cameras in the main gates of the camp

As of the danger of fire, our camp:

* Allocates the essential firefighting solutions

* Abstains 1 km from the public street

* Is surrounded by low vegetation

* Allocates firing preventing area

* There is an exit of danger in rural street

In general: Kavala and Thassos Island are peaceful, friendly places with hospitable and warm people. They are among the safest places in the world.


Medical Care

The permanent presence of medical personnel in the camp and the completely equipped medical station ensure that our little friends will have benefit of high services on 24hour base

However our basic advantage is the fact that in distance of 2 km from our camp there is the Centre of Health of Prinos, one of the evener units of first degree care in Northern Greece.

In every case parents should inform us in advance for any allergies, chronic diseases or special diet that the child should follow. If there is any medication, the parents should give us analytically the prescription of the doctor (doses and frequency).

Communication with the children will be possible during their whole stay in specific hours.

· The children can have their mobile phones and carry them or they can use phone cards. Payphones are available almost in every place.

· There is always the possibility of video-call through Skype for those who have the necessary equipment.

· Furthermore, 15 days before the children’s arrival, the parents will receive through email the telephone number of the person in charge in case of emergency.



· The children will be taken on their arrival day by the camp’s bus from Thessaloniki’s airport “Macedonia” (SKG) and Chrysoupoli’s airport “Megas Alexandros”(KVA) and we will take them back on their departure day.

· The children are transported only according to the program, from and to specified destinations and only by pitsas camp’s bus and with the camp’s attendants.

· A doctor and a lifeguard are always with the children in every activity.


Childrens' Bank

Upon arrival, all campers are required to deposit their money in the childrens' bank to get acquainted with the proper management of their money and avoid the risk of loss.

Karezistudies- Greek 4 all and the pitsas camp are not responsibles for any loss of childrens' money that have not been deposited in the bank.

If you still have second thoughts , but you understand how important is your child’s participation in this Greek language learning camp for his/her own progress, then you just have to accompanied it ,enjoy marvelous vacation in Thassos island and meet us.

“The insurance has been assigned to the company of Actuarial Services Contract AE, that collaborates with the bigger actuarial companies of Europe”