Dear Parents,

karezistudies – Greek 4 all chooses and holds its seminars in places which meet the safety requirements. For the first time, it organizes Greek language seminars for children 10-16 years old from all over the world in Pitsas camp, a camp that meets all the quality and safety requirements. More specifically:

Quality Policy

Pitsas Camp, ISO 9001:2008 certified, operates in accordance with the provisions of the International Standard of Quality Management.


- ISO 9001:2008 certification -


The major objective of our camp is the supply of reliable services of a children’s camp in a safe and creative environment according to the children’s demands.

In order to achieve this target our camp has got:

* Personnel that has been properly trained. Our people are characterized by their love for children, their moral standards and their maturity.

* Excellent organization as provided by the Quality Policy and Quality Manual drawn up and accepted by our camp.

* Procedures well structured and certified according to the International Standards for the proper, decent and safe operation of the camp.