Our Vision - Philosophy

Our philosophy…..

The study of foreign languages supports the enrichment of our life. The more languages we speak, the more intense our life gets. Our acquaintance with other people, nations and customs is a unique life experience that helps us realize our common nature and origins as human beings while at the same time we are released from hatred, hostilities, prejudice and we are equipped with the qualities of philanthropy, respect and solidarity.

Young people compose the most promising and hopeful part of every society and country.

Here, in Karezistudies - Greek 4 all  we have realized the value of the above-mentioned facts and we come to the following conclusion: a better future for all the inhabitants of the planet who will be linked through the greek language and culture.

That’s why we organize seminars of greek language and culture during the whole year but mainly during holidays and in carefully selected regions that can present the greek history, the unique mediterranean beauty and the traditional hospitality securing the safety of our visitors. The seminars of greek language and culture are for young people between 10-22 years old, for older people 23-28 years old and for everyone who is 28 years old and up, a while at the same time they offer holidays with scheduled excursions and low cost activities.


Our purpose is that the young visitor is acquainted with the greek language and culture and he/she is motivated for a future more systematic study of it. And we want that all these take place beyond the traditional way of learning which becomes tiring and boring after a while. Learning with us is interactive and becomes reality through the experience of everyday situations. The participant will have the chance to practise what he learns since he will socialize with young greek natives right from the beginning of the course.


We are familiar and we accept the parents’ fear and their feeling of insecurity to trust us with their children. Please do not hesitate to believe that your children will become our children. Experienced teachers and colleagues are occupied with them 24 hours per day making sure that they receive the best educational, pedagogical and social treatment possible. Our site always meets security standards and ISO is maintained. Finally, parents can accompany their children- if they wish- and experience themselves unique holidays in Greece.