General Terms of Participation

15 April 2014


In order to register for the program, fill in your application with all the necessary information, as they are written in your official documents and send them whether via fax (+03 2510 23 35 51) or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The total cost for the language seminars during the summer season 2014, including the cost of the accommodation in pitsas camp (selected place for the summer courses of 2014), the transportation, the trips and the visits in archaeological sites of Thasos is 1.400 € and (+200€ in case you choose ancient Greek).

  • * Discount 10% for siblings
  • * Discount 10% in case of payment until 1st of May 2014
  • The above amount has to be prepaid in two even installments. The first installment (700€) by 1st of May 2014 and the second (700€) by the 1st of June 2014 in the bank account below:
  • BANK: PIRAEUS, IBAN:GR69 0172 2460 0052 4606 3583 640, Payee: KONSTANTINA KAREZI
  • For the confirmation and activation of your participation in the program you have to pay in full the total participation fee within the given dates.
  • The places are limited and so you should register in time. In case of payment after the specified deadlines, you will be allowed to participate if there are available places.
  • It is possible for the prices to readjust, concerning the places where the Greek language seminars of KareziStudies- Greek 4 all take place, the offered facilities, the fuel price and the taxes.
  • In this case, you will be informed in time for any change and you will be able to cancel your participation, without any charge, under the condition that the cancellation request is received within 15 days after the announcement of the change.
  • The transportation from and to the airport is free of charge, if it occurs according to the scheduled timetables. Transportation from and to the airport in other than the scheduled hours will be charged 100-200€ (per person), considering the circumstances.


  • Cancellations are accepted 30 days prior the program’s commencement (ex. If the program begins on 9th of August, you should cancel your participation by the 10th of July). The cancellations should be submitted in writing with proved date, such as email, fax, telegram or registered mail. In case you cancel in time according to the above terms, you reserve the right to total refund. In case of delayed cancellation or cancellation after the specified deadline (in less than 30
  • days prior the program’s commencement), you will receive only half of the refund.
  • There is no refund in case of non-appearance of the participant or in case he informs us the first day of the program.
  • The refund will be put after the participant fills in an application within 30 days after the cancellation, in the bank account he will indicate.
  • In case the seminars don’t occur because of emergency reasons (i.e. earthquake, fire, ect), a new date for the seminars will be searched and announced to the participants. Within 15 days after the announcement, the participant should confirm their participation. In case they don’t, they will be given a refund.
  • Visa for Greece
  • Here you can find which countries need a visa for Greece.

Behavioral Rules

  • The participants in Greek language seminars of KareziStudies-Greek 4 all are obliged to follow strictly the program , comply to the orders of those in charge ,as well as respect the customs and the way of living of Greek society during their stay in Greece.
  • More specifically the participant should follow the rules and the program of KareziStudies-Greek 4all and especially everything regarding attending the classes, the behavior, the communication with the professors and the staff.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are strictly forbidden
  • In case someone doesn’t behave properly, causing problems in the operation of the program, KareziStudies-Greek 4all reserves the right to suspend him and cease his participation without any refund.
  • Insurance program
  • KareziStudies - Greek 4 all, which provides only language programs, does not provide insurance programs during your stay in the country. If you wish, you can get an insurance program in your country, after discussing with your personal consultant.
  • The camps and the hotels (where the seminars take place) are exclusively responsible for any loss of your personal items during your stay and KareziStudies-Greek 4 all has no responsibility.
  • In case any problem arises from the present contract, it is under the jurisdiction of the court of Kavala and the Greek law is applicable.



  • Everything described by KareziStudies-Greek 4 all in its website is totally true.
  • KareziStudies-Greek 4 all is an absolutely private company.
  • For the children’s participation in sports activities , a signed note from the child’s parents and the doctor is necessary, confirming that the child has no health problem and therefore he is able to participate in any sports activity.
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