Why we differ…..


  1. What makes Karezi studies-Greek 4 all course unique is that it specializes in educational tourism.
  2.  We are the only ones who combine greek learning with holidays in Greece.
  3.  We aim for students irrespective of their age since our purpose is the constant-throughout one’s life-learning.
  4. We carefully select the place where the greek language and culture seminars are going to be organized and we try to offer the best accomodation at the most reasonable price.
  5. We can organize – upon request- the schedule of holidays for elder students( 28 years old +) according to their preferences.
  6. We cooperate with excellent teachers of the greek language who are also fluent speakers of at least one foreign language.
  7. There is a scientific team that covers various domains e.g. speech therapist, teacher for children with special needs – psychologist e.t.c. and handles with all learning difficulties that might appear especially to our young friends.
  8. We offer exceptional courses of greek learning that combine Ancient and Modern Greek, Philosophy, Drama and Rhetoric.
  9. We respect the uniqueness of our visitors, their culture and the customs of their country.
  10. We avoid mass learning that’s why the number of participants is restricted.
  11. Finally, we believe that having fun can be definitely combined with constructive learning.