My Curriculum Vitae

My name is Konstantina Karezi. I was born on 8th  October  1976 in Kavala, a beautiful greek  city in the eastern part of Macedonia, 152 km away from Thessaloniki. My parents, Savvas Karezis and Sofia Andreopoulou were also born and are residents of Kavala.

I have studied  greek language and literature  and I’ve been specialised in ancient greek and latin studies and literature in Democritus University of Thrace. During my studies, I worked  as a teacher of greek to high school students. I hold the EUROLTA , the European certificate in Greek language teaching to adults from the INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION(ICC).

In addition, I’ve taken part in the 11th International Conference of classical studies  of the Federation of the Societes  of classical studies. Recently (May 2014) I ' ve taken part in the First National Congress of Political Philosophy in Kavala .



After my graduation, in 2001 I started  working as  a professional teacher of ancient greek, greek litterature,latin and composition to students of junior and senior high school. In particular, between 2001 and 2006 I was employed in the Private High School “ Orosimo” taking the responsibility to prepare graduates for the panhellenic exams that introduce students to Universities. I am still working in “Orosimo” sharing the ownership of the school with my two collegues since 2006.

 Moreover, I’ve been attending all these years seminars on the treatment of children with special needs and learning difficulties  as well as seminars  on the teaching of greek as a second language. Also i took part to the European seminar that was held by the MMLT about the Montessori Methodology in Language Training (for adults) (April 2014)

My love for the greek language and culture but mainly my dream regarding the acquaintance  of the international community with the greek language and culture led me to create KareziStudies- Greek 4 all.

What I really desire  is that young people from all over the world get to know all about the greek spirit, comprehend the great power of the language to educate and reform .

I speak english very well and I operate  computers on a high level. I have written high school  books to satisfy the teaching needs of my lessons. I like sports very much and they have always been part of my everyday life.During my teens ,for  example, I took active part in basketball teams. In addition, I have worked  as a radio producer.I love travelling abroad  and my trips  to Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary,Bulgaria, Tunisia helped me gain a a lot of social experience.

Some of my favourite sayings are: “Seize the day”, “as long as I am alive I hope for the best”, “the one who insists, finally wins”, “moderation in all things”.

I definitely believe in the power of the human mind and in the advantages  of cooperative work.I adore the creative use of the language and I believe that this can be taught with the appropriate help and supervision of specially qualified and experienced personnel who use their knowledge, love, and devotion as their basic equipment in their effort to approach young learners.